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Recover your money with no upfront fees

Construction collections and the recovery of unpaid construction invoices is highly specialized. The paying party’s (i.e. the general contractor or the developer) opinion differs greatly from the opinion of the subcontractor or the material suppliers. In some cases, the paying party is not even aware that the subcontractor or material supplier was used or on the job!

The resolution of these issues requires experience, diligence, and most of all, follow up. In the past five years, we’ve been able to resolve over ten million dollars in claims with little or no litigation. Each collection assignment is different and there is no automated process regardless of what other collection agencies may claim.

We start the process with a free consultation with you to discuss how we can bridge the differences between you and the party that owes you money. To make the process as expedient as possible, we typically meet with you at your office at a time convenient for you. We will analyze your claim and consider every creative approach to collecting your money. We may even point out discrepancies that could be holding up your payment. In many cases we meet with the party that owes you money to smooth some troubled waters and recover your money for you.

Unlike most collection agencies and construction consultants, we work on a contingency basis, which means if we don’t collect for you, we will not take any payment. We are paid on success only!

Beware of collection agencies charging upfront costs and construction consultants who demand money up front

Our fees range from 15% to 30% of the amount we collect depending on the size of the lien and we take no payment until we make the collection so there is NO RISK TO YOU.

We never charge up-front fees for collections
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File a Mechanics Lien

A Mechanic's or Construction Lien attaches the amount you are owed for your materials or services to the title of the property you worked on. Once you have file a lien with eLienit, the property owner cannot sell, transfer or refinance the property until your lien is paid.

Five Boroughs
New Jersey
File A Satisfaction of Mechanic's Lien
Starts at $125

A lien release is when the holder of a lien, or security interest in a piece of property, lifts or waives the lien, rendering the property free to purchase. Rates determined by county - See form for details.

Starts at $125
File An Extension of Your Mechanic's Lien

Your mechanics lien is only valid for one year. You may however, extend it for an additional year prior to the expiration of the first year. Rates determined by county - See form for details.

File Public Entity Improvement Lien

If you worked on a job that is a public entity, i.e, public school, hospital, etc, you will need to file a Public Entity Improvement Lien. Rates determined by county - See form for details.

Satisfaction of Public Improvement Lien

Once your Public Improvement Lien is paid, the public entity will ask you for a satisfaction. We do it all. Rates determined by county - See form for details.